NaPoWriMo 2016: Day 26

I keep coming back to this line

I am the cold costs of home

Though lately I have been feeling more river than ocean

Herded by busy people

With important walks

And brown shoes

Or maybe I’m more of a cave

Years ago

Smarter, more adventurous creatures lived inside my shell

And they painted their stories on my walls

And now I just recite

These mammoths and hunting hands

Over and over

And yet…

I am the cold costs of home

A beach in winter

Deep in the grey of it all

The sea, the land, the mist

Coat collar turned up

Hands in pockets


There is still beauty to be found in nothing.



It began in autumn.

The sunset glow of the midnight city

Swallowed any passing grain of starlight,

Which stuck like pinholes in the black sky

And dared to reach too close.

A pearl moon hung low and wide

Over the dark silhouettes of gnarled oak trees

Close enough to feel every crevasse

Yet far enough to see perfection

The moon watched as we walked home.