NaPoWriMo 2016: Day 25

The mice haven’t shown up recently

Maybe they never made it home from their last score

Maybe they’re hold up in the hills

In a log cabin

Nervous but alive

Mouse sized tommy guns

Sticking out of broken windows

I think our mice might be John Dillinger fans

They drive T-Model Fords

They’re folk heroes for some

But somewhere out there

There’s an Elliot Ness cat

Come to think of it

I do live near a cinema

Maybe Roach

The little Dillinger he is

Went and saw a movie and got gunned down in the street

Then again

Maybe he’s made it

Him and his gang

Maybe they left after one last score

Last night

I swear I heard them

Laughing round the record player

The sound of bye bye blackbird

Gently walking


Down the hall.


NaPoWriMo 2016: Day 17

There is a mouse in my kitchen

He and his mouse friends play poker

With the ghosts of my appliances

The ghost blender mixes drinks

The ghosts of pizza boxes are eating leftovers

The mice are little gangsters

Bank robbers and moonshine runners

They wear little suits and hats

They call the ghosts wise guys

The ghost of the microwave deals a new hand

The mouse we call Roach

He wins the hand

Straight flush

All hearts

Roach tips the blender

A moth hits the window drunk

The ghost of the vinyl sings love songs to the tattooed guitar

Another day in paradise

For little gangster mice