NaPoWriMo 2016: Day 26

I keep coming back to this line

I am the cold costs of home

Though lately I have been feeling more river than ocean

Herded by busy people

With important walks

And brown shoes

Or maybe I’m more of a cave

Years ago

Smarter, more adventurous creatures lived inside my shell

And they painted their stories on my walls

And now I just recite

These mammoths and hunting hands

Over and over

And yet…

I am the cold costs of home

A beach in winter

Deep in the grey of it all

The sea, the land, the mist

Coat collar turned up

Hands in pockets


There is still beauty to be found in nothing.


NaPoWriMo: Day seventeen

Fresh melon with basil leaves and mozzarella

White wine, IPAs, fresh orange and other fruit juices

Lemons floating in ice water


Bird song

The family sitting in the sun

Talking about nothing

Laughing at almost anything

Falling back into the old ways

Reclining like life here was a chair

The one your dad and his dad and his dad sat in

There is history in every wrinkle and fault line

Here the stories are curled up thick around our feet and snoring loudly

This is summer lunch at home

Tonight there will be whisky

with no ‘e’ (yes this is important)

And talking about bats and stargazing

While sat round a fire

Pine smoke billowing into the sky

The only music being the crack of glowing logs

And the hum of our words.

I would not have it

Any other way.