NaPoWriMo 2016: Day 25

The mice haven’t shown up recently

Maybe they never made it home from their last score

Maybe they’re hold up in the hills

In a log cabin

Nervous but alive

Mouse sized tommy guns

Sticking out of broken windows

I think our mice might be John Dillinger fans

They drive T-Model Fords

They’re folk heroes for some

But somewhere out there

There’s an Elliot Ness cat

Come to think of it

I do live near a cinema

Maybe Roach

The little Dillinger he is

Went and saw a movie and got gunned down in the street

Then again

Maybe he’s made it

Him and his gang

Maybe they left after one last score

Last night

I swear I heard them

Laughing round the record player

The sound of bye bye blackbird

Gently walking


Down the hall.