NaPoWriMo 2016: Day 29

She sits in the empty room

Suddenly aware of how bare walls are greedy eaters

They leave the room hollow

She feels as if she is sitting in a ribcage

A bone picked carcus

She feels sick

Her friends came

Boxed her into several pieces and left one by the door

“return it or burn it” written on the side in thick black lines.

It has been weeks since that box fitted into this home

But even so she has not stopped moving it around

To this place and that.

On the fifty seventh day the bottom gives out

The floor is strewn with feathers

So many colours and shapes

At the top of this mountain of flight

A single piece of paper

Pinned by a blackbird feather.

She takes the word

And hides it for the rainy days

It always seems to grow brighter

Then she frames the feathers (every one)

It still is missing something

But she looks at the word

And knows

That that is ok.


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