NaPoWriMo 2016: Day 18

It’s been a long while since I’ve posted anything (blame a very busy life!) but I thought I’d start uploading the remainder of the NaPoWriMo pieces I did so I can complete the set here, and maybe start posting newer stuff as well. Enjoy.

I’ve always been interested in language.

Like how read and read are the same written down

But context gives them both a sound

Which makes them different.

Or the words which are the same no matter what,

The only difference again being this thing called context

Can and can

Right and right

Beam and beam

So when you asked me to make my shots harder

It’s almost like you intended me to


Hit the ball off the sweet spot of the bat

Where it makes the dull thump sound

Where it feels like nothing at all

It’s almost like you should have been prepared for the cricket ball that came flying at you like a clarification

It’s almost like

You wanted me to hit you

Dead between the eyes

Like some kind of middle class, back garden David and Goliath.

So if you think about it

It isn’t my fault


Even if you did blackout for a bit.

Think of it as a brain reset.

It works on computers.

Maybe that knock on the head

Kickstarted something important right?!




Happy birthday anyway!

Sorry about the cricket thing…


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