NaPoWriMo 2016: Day 6

This vodka tastes like petrol

Is just another way of saying

This vodka


Like Russian dinosaurs!

It’ll put spikes on your chest nevermind hairs.

It’ll turn your blood red

Like communism.

It’ll fill your head with ideas

Like communism.

It’ll sink it’s teeth into you,

Chew you up,

Spit you out,

And make you dance

Like a t-rex making a bed



These Russian dinosaurs we’ve been drinking,

Shotgunning down our throats like a double barrelled Brachiosaurus blast from the past,

I wonder if they were drunk when the meteor hit?


“oh no!

Jeff just ate the lovely herbivore family from out of town!”

Or were they just hungover.

Like after the biggest dinosaur wedding party any of them had ever seen hungover.

Where the dinosaur groom

Accidentally called a diplodocus

A brontosaurus

And even though they both knew that the brontosaurus didn’t exist

They laughed it off and drank themselves into an extinction event.

That hungover.


Imagine being that hungover when the world was consumed by fire

And your entire species is turned into museum exhibits and the exact opposite of museum exhibits by the bottle.

When these future creatures rip you out of the dirt coffin you didn’t have a claw in making

When they harvest you like a failed socialist crop

Expecting life but only finding bones

Imagine the crazy stories they’ll invent

When you

And everyone you know

Become part of the rocks under their feet.


But then again

Maybe we won’t have to imagine much longer…


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