NaPoWriMo 2016: Day 10 (for the UCLA #CUPSI16 team, Shasperay, Alex, Jesse Parent, and The Hole in the Wall dive bar)

I woke up this morning

All broken pieces and sick vampire

The sun was just…dangerous

The ghosts of alcohols past

Clung to me in a thick net

Weighing me down into the dark blue sheets

My limbs feeling like the heaviest empty bottles

My head one part koi pond in a storm

One part Darth Vader vice grip

In total

I am hungover.

But last night.

Last night i was getting drunk on honesty

And good conversation

Each empty glass was given a piece of full heart to echo

This is the night at its fullest

Poems exchanged like waving flags

Over a table

Our new definition of a stage

In a dive bar that we filled with our noise

No apology necessary

As we threw our words out to the world

And dared it to ignore us.

Everyone is a big damn hero:










Lewis, Dan, Rachel, Catherine, Toby

I love you all like a homecoming

This poem is for each of you

This poem is for the bar

This poem is for the drunken cypher

It is two words

Thank you.


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