NaPoWriMo 2016: Day Two (for the city of Austin, Texas)

There is a music in these streets

It shifts together like meeting currents.

This drummer hitting old sticks off older buckets.

This singer fighting his way through Springsteen classics.

This guitar player, turning metal strings into electric blues

They swell and fade

And there is no need for sense here

In the passing street

Where the neon lights call out to the electricity in all of us.

There is a beauty in these streets

Beautiful women move casual everywhere!

This beauty is indifferent

It exists without trying (seemingly)

Their smiles are warmer than this Texas sun

They move dresses like fabric breezes

So cool they could freeze a heartbeat.

There is an ordered chaos in these streets


You are a nation of straight lines

These roads do not bend to the earth

I wish I could move through them in circles

Meet these people from a new angle

The Jesus follower missing teeth

The bouncer in love with the rhythm

The charity couple calling out strangers

The waitress impressed by French

The bartender chilling glasses

The driver with the disconnected arm tattoos

The poets drinking ice tea in Styrofoam cups

These lives

They merge together.

Like meeting currents

Beautiful chaos



When the day ends

I wonder if they change at all



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