NaPoWriMo 2016: Day Four

He has this recurring dream:

The room is in the city

High up

The streets below are filled with hyenas walking upright

The cars push their lights through the window

Washing the ceiling

He is lying in the middle of the room

Drinking in the emptiness

He grows and shrinks with his breathing

At some point the birds fly in

Small at first

Finches and robins and swallows

Then crows, magpies, blackbirds

Finally great vultures and




The owl

It perches at the back of the room

It has a pair of antlers

Great antlers

In each one something/someone has wrapped filament bulbs

The humming quiets the birds

One bulb explodes.

The birds swarm him

They begin pulling words like feathers

Until he is laid bare



He stops growing

The owl opens its wings

Gathers all the words up inside itself

The owl it looks him in the eye

Says one word…

He forgets it

Every time.


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