NaPoWriMo 2016: Day Five

She lays in the 11am sun

Her hair tied back loose

Brushes the back of her neck soft

Her man is making faces at his reflection in the window

She smiles

He’s wearing a black vest and shades

He looks like and old rocker

Screaming to himself silently

Then laughing it off.

She might just fuck him tonight.

That night they go see some music

The lead singer talks about being alive in a titty bar in Portland, Oregon

(his words)

Everyone laughs

She notices the bass player has sweat through his shirt

It looks like a small set of lungs

For a while she watches him breathe in stereo

Her man is holding her by the hips

Absently tapping out a beat on her midnight blue dress

It isn’t the same as the drummer on stage

But it fits.

She pays for food

He pays for another round of drinks

They agree they couldn’t put a price on love

But if they did

It would end in a .95

It would feel like a bargain

And come in easy payments

She and him

They know their love is too expensive to explain to other people.

When they get home they stay awake to watch the sun come up

“you’re beautiful” she says.

“you’re everything” he says.

They fall asleep to the tune of her blue dress hitting the floor.


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