The Moment

There is a moment

A tiny moment

When all the world can fit in between your parted lips

And you can whisper the world clean again

There is a moment

When the eyes that were one second staring back at you


And the ghosts of the future play across the shutters

Climb their hair

Build homes on their scalp

Dig deep into their skull and pluck the memories out

There is a moment

When all but the senses fades away

And you are left in a darkness

But it is not heavy

It is the darkness of the home sleep

The rested traveller

It is the darkness of a day well done

It is a reward

There is a moment

When angels stop what they are doing

And remind themselves by your fire

What the fragments of divinity in all of us are capable of

There is a moment

And it is a fragile thing

A hollow boned offering to the night sky

The smoke dancing in the light of filaments

There is a moment

And while it rests upon you both

It is all that exists

Treat it well

Invite it into your home

Let it curl up around you

Like a stray cat brought through the threshold

Like the roots of a sprouting family tree

Nest in its shelter

As it warms itself by your fire

There is a moment

Do not let it leave with the turning of a page in the book of your life

It will not survive the forgetfulness of old age

You must seize it two handed

You must make yourself part of it

There is a moment

And as lovers meet

And lovers kiss

And lovers love

It is existence

It is the heart beat of humanity

The soul of a universe

There is a moment

And it is yours.

In that moment

There is love.