NaPoWriMo: Day thirty (we made it!!)

There was an old film

Black and white

The lead character wore a trench coat and spoke

Half cigarette and half bourbon

All the women were dames

All the music was jazz or a sweeping orchestra

Every plane had propellers

And a pilot with a fur lined jacket and an official looking hat

Each scene was introduced by the man in the trench coat

He seemed unhappy all the time

Maybe just tired

Like he’d seen it all before

He probably had

He had a walk that said

“come near me in the wrong way and you’ll know what a revolver feels like”

There is still a small part of me that dreams of America that way

Humphrey Bogart and femme fatales

I know this isn’t true

But I can’t help but feel

That if I walked into a New York bar

There’d be a woman sipping hard liquor in a red dress

And she’d have a hell of a story


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