NaPoWriMo: Day twenty seven

I want to travel round the world

Leaving three line poems in visitor books

I want to travel as far as I can by train

Just because it is categorically the most romantic way to travel

And if I travel by train I want to fall in love on a train

While the rest of the world pulls itself along the windows

I want to love in a tiny universe of train tables and coffee stains

She would have bright eyes that smiled at anybody and love to watch the rain tap dance along the windows

And I would have no chance

No hope or prayer

Of doing anything but falling in love with the way she seemed to kiss every word into a conversation.

In short…

I want to live a life that would make an indie film maker wet himself

Travelling around the great unsung beauties of nations

With the woman from the train on my arm

And we would dance and drink in every bar we could see sold more than just alcohol

And she would turn the neon lights into the marks of God

Plucked from the sky

We would collect stories in notebooks

Pin poems onto the walls of our apartment

I want to travel until I find home

And then

I want to travel with her.


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