NaPoWriMo: Day twenty six

There was a river

It ran through pine trees

It never froze

One winter

After watching the only film that ever spoke to them directly

A boy and his girl ran away together

With nothing but a few spare clothes

Three books and a typewriter

With enough paper to make them both happy

They pitched a tent near the river

The boy fished and made decorations with the scales of those he caught

He hung them around the fire

So the light would catch and reflect

The boy looked at his girl and told her they were fairy folk now

Nothing but myth and in being so

Were more real than anything they left behind

The girl agreed

She began writing the account of their time

About her and her boy

And together they were happy

It was several winters later that they both returned

to the forest

to the tent and the river

The river had frozen over

Neither of them noticed.


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