NaPoWriMo: Day twenty five

Hold on to your feet!

I hear there is a storm coming in the shape of a woman

Who will knock all the socks clean off

And rip the ceiling clean from its walls

I hear that when she steps to a microphone

She becomes a five foot nine volcano

Spitting words with so much fire

So much heat and light

That passing aeroplanes make emergency landings

Just so the pilots can find the faith of their parents again

All hats within a five mile radius have collectively vanished

Every nervous man in love has been infused with the ghost of a lion

Every woman the ghost of a giant antelope

Of a matriarch elephant

Animals made for peace that refuse to quit a fight

And they both turn to one another and say

“HEY! If you want to love someone like the world was ending (and it just might be)

I’m going to find out where this voice came from

And I want you with me”

If you dare to love this woman

The conjurer of valiant

The remainder of whatever made Norsemen believe in Thor

Be careful.

She contains too much of the big things of this earth

And you may end up the pebble in the mountain river

Trying to become like her

She will wear you smooth

But every now and again

You will feel over the scars of the stories that you shared with her and smile

Because at least for a brief time

A mountain knew your name

And you heard it in the thunder.


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