NaPoWriMo: Day thirteen

She was big and showing now

Her man had nicknamed her Galactus

Said she looked like she was carrying the weight of a planet

And had never been more beautiful

And she laughed as he lifted their grey cat around her

Her own silver surfer

They ran their hands across her belly

Whispered whatever names popped into each other’s heads

He looked at her filled with life

Closed his eyes and lay his head against her shoulder

She hummed softly

Running hands through his hair and along the world she was creating

All was right in the world

This was the moment.

She opened the chest on the coffee table with a foot

Breathed deep

And folded the entire room into the chest

Pinned it in place with the seagull feathers she kept in an old book of poems

Then she shut the lid

A first gift for the new world they would all inhabit.


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