NaPoWriMo: Day nine


6 guitar strings

A handful of small notebooks

1 pen to be replaced regularly so as not to lose flavour

3 jazz albums, 5 blues albums, 2 post-rock compilations and a hip hop mixtape in a format fit to taste

(note that if you can find it vinyl is always best, but don’t be afraid to try other mediums)

A full dictionary torn roughly

Enough Charles Bukowski, Anis Mojgani, Shane Koyczan, Dylan Thomas, Tom Waits, Rives, and Sarah Kay to saturate

1 human body, the more flawed the better.

For added flavour add 1 plaid shirt and a dash of 20th century American literature

(Hemingway or Kerouac are the obvious choices though more obscure references can and should be experimented with)


Throw everything recklessly into a mixing bowl

Stir vigorously until mixture begins to form free verse that sticks to the spoon

Knead so that enough of the world gets in as this will allow for balanced growth

Bake in an oven for a couple of years until piping hot

Garnish with a chapbook or microphone depending on taste.

Congratulations, you have just created your very own poet!


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