NaPoWriMo: Day five

This one’s for the summer beer.

The brown bottled IPA.

The El Dorado hopped,

Paper labelled,

London brewed,

Seven percent ABV,


The sun does not beat as much as it lays its hands gently on your skin.

You looked at the clouds and saw catfish and dragons,

I saw a bear and an old man half way through falling off a chair laughing.

We drank beer and talked about movies,

Skimmed conversation over the heat like stones along that lake in Scotland.

You said the thing about film noir is the snappy dialogue and talked about how Brick was a modern classic.

I picked out another cold one, broke open the top and handed it to you.

We enjoyed the cold bottle together

For a brief moment.

Then went back to talking

Humphrey Boggart

And blues music.

I told you about Blind Willie Johnson and you demanded we listened to him

On repeat

For the next hour,

And we did.

All this we did over cold IPAs,

They tasted like gold light and hints of fruit.

So this one’s for the summer beer,

Accent to the conversation beer,

Brown bottled, brown paper labelled beer,

Refresh and relax


This one’s for the summer beer.


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