NaPoWriMo: Day four

    1. Studio Ghibli films are now six times more beautiful I do not know what you did to achieve this but whatever it was scientists would consider it proof of magic.
    2. They changed the street lamps outside my house and it made me sad, I don’t know why, perhaps it’s because they feel less warm now, less like fire.
    3. If Prometheus was still around, he would have a heart attack trying not to show you to the world. I honestly can’t blame him.
    4. I have been known to grow so tall some nights, I pinned my shadow to the surface of the moon and made it dance over the silver.
    5. Some nights I am small enough to walk among the lines in your palms, if the future is here it smells like morning rain and carries the echoes of jazz songs on its back. Being this small I have learned to hold every part of your hand.
    6. I have not stood still. Even when sleeping I have danced indelicately into every mirror of my house so that when I awake I can look on the memory of unbridled joy and smile.
    7. I have smiled to no-one but myself almost every afternoon.
    8. The expression “wild horses couldn’t keep me away” makes no sense to me. If anything I have been pushed forward by stallions churning the ground behind me until it looked like I arrived by walking on water. In short you make me feel like a miracle.
    9. The greatest compliment I have ever received was you sleeping on my chest.
    10. Thank you does not begin to cover the depths of my gratitude.

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