Love Letter from a Zombie to a Brain

They told me you’d be all I needed

And at the time I didn’t believe them

But now

Now that I see how you make sense of everything

I gotta say I want a piece of that

I saw you the other day

Coming up with big ideas and blue sky thinking your way out of a horde of problems

You left me breathless never mind speechless

I could only ever mumble around you.

My friends all said there was safety in numbers

But for you

I want to be dangerous

I’ll break off pieces of myself

I don’t mind

I’m falling apart without you anyway

But I promise I will hold you just fine.

I may be a shambles

But that’s because I haven’t stopped searching for you since the day I forgot my own name for yours

And that isn’t weird

See you’ve been on the tip of my tongue as long as I can remember.

So if you’re lonely

Looking for someone to show you how to take a bite of life

Call me

And I’ll come running….


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