I sleep alone,
In a bed with room enough for more.
Some nights it is bigger than others.
Some nights I am smaller.

I sleep with the lover of my dreams,
Nestled in the empty cradle of my arm,
Legs interwoven like DNA.
In our sleep we are the building blocks of the universe
The base unit of existence.

I sleep with my back to the stars,
Because no beauty can match the dreams I have some nights.
And some nights I don’t want to see the beauty I can’t reach out and touch.

I sleep sporadically,
Chasing after hours to kill with forgetting,
And remembering too much to succeed.

I don’t sleep.
Because the words are keeping me awake with their dancing.
Because the faces are smiling too brightly.
Because outside the window drunk people are enjoying life.
Because I have slept too much already.

But when I sleep,
I dream of dull and boring things
And in their simplicity they are the most beautiful of all
I sleep with a smile
Even when I sleep alone.


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