I have this crazy idea.
We should go to New Orleans
live it up big like the brass
I could learn trombone and you could arrange sunflowers and paint
or we could write poetry across from one another
over tea stained mugs half filled with hummingbird feathers
to the music of people going places
we could sit and watch the world turn
like it was a record
set to the rhythms of our bones
and it won’t matter when
because every moment with you will be

Let’s be 80, complaining about old joints and young couples
all the while dancing despite ourselves

Let’s be 13, playing hide and seek with our glances and almost touching hands

Let’s be 20, thinking we’re above it all
but secretly
we’ll be in the heart of it all
dancing in the kitchen to jazz
sleeping in
watching the sunset
laughing on the balcony
I don’t care what we do
so long as I do it with you

I’m yet to see anyone who’d ask an angel for a game plan
but while we’re making suggestions
let’s go to New Orleans
and live it up as big as the brass.


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