Here I Fell Asleep: Part Two, Saints

There are so many saints here!
Saints on the walls!
Saints in the ceilings!
Saints above the doors and on street corners!
Their gold makes holiness pretty
they are beautiful martyrs
preaching to closed doors
the doors are lions, fish, gnarled old men caught smoking,
young couples kissing,
bicycles dancing
there are so many doors!
And a saint for every door!
They take them from the houses and museums
cut them to splinters
and eat them in great spoonfuls
the saints warm themselves with fire
then drink it down
to mix with the doors
the bellies of saints are golden furnaces
turning locks into prayers
keys into the face of God
hinges and knockers to bone
sanctified bone
each door tickles the sides of the saints
and they laugh
it sounds like finches.

This is how halos are made.


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