Here I Fell Asleep

There are so many sparrows here!
Sparrows in the sky!
Sparrows on the ground!
Sparrows in the trees and in the walls!
The trees are so full of feathers!
They are made of sparrows!

The sparrows sing songs
their melody fills the empty places
they are monks working psalms
hollow bones made of brass
they are church organs that learned to fly
together the sparrows sound like prayer
like the terracotta rooftops
like a chorus of beautiful women laughing
I have seen many beauties in this place
they line the bridges like sparrows on the branches of sparrow trees
they sing songs about nothing and fill each word with so much of themselves

There is more God in these streets than in the cathedrals
everyone is alive
and moving
the streets filled with moped confessionals
yellow houses rise out of the ground like sunflowers made of brick
The people here live in sunflowers!
Even the leather bag sellers!
They live in sunflowers!
They move like sparrows in the streets
everyone is alive
and moving
the sparrows sing songs about everything
their feathers make for excellent daydreams


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