Hiroshima Soul

She has a Hiroshima soul.

That may not sound like a good intro to a love poem

But let me explain.

When the bomb hit Hiroshima it was devastating

The girl I fall in love with will be just as absolute

She’ll weep cities aside like blades of grass,

Feeling the lives of buildings as she runs her fingertips along their walls

The girl I fall in love with will break down walls

Whether of gender or race, she will level everyone,

Forcing them to rethink the word ‘normal’.


When we talk of passion

We’ll talk of nuclear reactions

We’ll be like two atoms colliding

The world will mean nothing to us

And the little things will have the biggest effects

We’ll be like two atoms colliding

That rock and the hard place when they finally met and said

“Hey, can I take you to dinner?”

We’ll be like two atoms colliding

Exploding to a level beyond microscopic

They say we’re all made of cosmic dust

And ours is gonna make a second big bang

Make of that what you will


But the world will be ours.

Our rooftop the night sky, vaulted, with the cosmic chandeliers of stars.

And they’ll say we created this mansion planet

Even though it just happened to fit perfectly to the curves and perfect imperfections

Of us

Because you have a Hiroshima soul

and I’ve heard even reactors can’t keep in the powers they were built to contain

In the same way, the girl I fall in love with will make entire cities her home

And some people will say

Nuclear things can never create

But I said she had a Hiroshima soul not a Manhattan one

The girl I love will rebuild, after every heartache and pain

Pick up the broken pieces and jigsaw them back together

Because she’ll see the unbreakable resilience of shattered things.


And like that fallen city Hiroshima she will be naked to the world

And they will call her birth a miracle

Because everything she does will be inconceivable

As she builds a new city from the dust

I wanna shake this cosmic dust

Rework myself into a star again,

if only for a second,

so like that Hiroshima bomb girl

I can radiate like a man made solar flare

Stretch out my interstellar arms to radiate into hers

Create a micro-universe of us

And in our bones…

in our bones…

We will shine.   


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