Soul Music

The lampshade makes it look like

someone hung the moon with electrical cord

But it hasn’t quite died yet,

Still shining, doing its duty.

It even rivals the full moon outside the window,

The one that keeps getting swallowed by cloud dragons

With soft fangs and scales, not that it matters

When you can eat the moon whole.


Inside, the boy has opened his soul,

Cracked open its boundaries like the rib cage of a ship

Like the skeleton of an upright bass

He lets the strings vibrate in the now hollow cavity

As his music spills into the air

Almost like he were beating dust from a book

But she is asthmatic for where his soul is concerned.

Still without the burden he feels clean

And that is enough when she leaves

When she is gone

But she’ll bring the dust back when she returns

To fill the hollow, the skeleton


Outside the moon is swallowed by dragons

And leaves the future in the dark

Where it belongs

At least for now.


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