From Out of Town

Alone is a place,

A town not far from where you live

Populated by friends and neighbours at one time or another

And they’re all perfectly friendly

And have neat gardens

And grow sunflowers in the summer

And have dogs and cats which lie still when the sun comes up

I walk through alone sometimes

But I never want to live there

Instead I go at night

When I’m in a mood to be honest with myself

And the birds are still chirping even though it’s four in the morning

But I don’t mind

There are worse sounds


One night I trod along the pavements

Kicking glass hearts which had shattered there that evening,

It was Valentine’s day after all,

And I hummed a jazz standard in my head

And breathed the air like an unlocked snare drum

And I laughed at the cold

The kind of thing I can only do in alone

Sometimes the empty streets are peaceful

But it always seemed strange to me

That I was the only one in them.


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