That One Day in Spring

The trees are still

They do not move with the breeze like they used to

No music will compel them to dance

No rhythm to sway

They are still as prayer

And it is heavenly to watch them contemplate the sun.

The sky is without clouds

As if it were painted, a ceiling on the world,




And it too is heavenly.

Light drapes over the city

With a graceful indifference

Like an absent minded painter

So assured is the sun in its work

And it too is heavenly.

The world is beyond itself today

There are no cogs or machines

Only the trees and cloudless sky and lazy sun

Today is a day of breezes

Cold beers

Friends if you have any

There is no greater joy to be had today

Except sleeping in the arms of a lover

Fingers locked like the door to your apartment

Heads on each others hearts

Rising and falling

God, how I miss it.

But today is not a day for sad thoughts

Today is too heavenly for that.


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